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Modified P&O Technique for Hybrid PV-Battery-Smart Grid Integrated Scheme

Mohamed Salama Ebrahim, Adel Mahmoud Sharaf, Ahmed Mohamed Atallah, Adel Sedky Emarah


This paper presents a PV-Battery smart grid photovoltaic system through use of a modified perturbs and observes (P&O) technique for energy efficient utilization and ensuring the maximum power point tracking (MPPT). The modified P&O is based on step by step power-change in the specified three distinct search zones using an assigned zone- duty cycle ratio of the chopper converter (D). The PV-Battery-smart grid integrated system utilized a proportional integral (PI) controller for Li-Ion battery charging with a feed forward battery current signal for fast charging. LC filter is used to reduce current ripple introduced by PWM switching and modulating of the grid-side voltage source inverter (VSI).  Digital simulation results using the MATLAB/Simulink software environment validated the effectiveness of the proposed control scheme for efficient energy utilization and reduced ripple contents in the DC and AC side of the VSI-inverter as well as it provided fast battery charging.

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