Continuous Casting of Cu-Mg Alloy Rod

Zakaria Boumerzoug, Pawel Strzepek, Andrzej Mamala, Thierry Baudin, Francois Brisset, Malgorzata Zasadzinska, Piotr Noga


Nowadays, different processes are used to make copper rod. Among these methods, there is a direct casting method which is also divided into upward vertical casting and horizontal casting.  Cu-Mg alloy is one of the copper alloys produced by continuous casting which has not been widely studied and which has interesting properties such as high conductivity with good tensile strength, excellent weldability and excellent plateability. In this study, the effect of horizontal continuous casting parameters on the microstructures, mechanical properties and electrical conductivity on the Cu-Mg alloy rod was investigated. Pulling distance and pause time were gradually changed during the manufacturing of the Cu-Mg alloy rod. The evolution of the cast rod microstructure was studied by optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. The texture in cast copper alloy was analyzed by electron backscatter diffraction technique. The chemical composition was measured by energy dispersive spectroscopy. The mechanical properties of the cast rod were determined by hardness measurements. Electrical conductivity was measured with an eddy current conductivity meter. It has been found that the grain size and their distribution vary with the casting parameters. Columnar and fine grains were observed in the same cast metal which gave higher hardness in fine grain areas and low electrical conductivity.

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