An Overview of Additive Manufacturing Technologies and Materials

Raziye KILIÇ


Additive manufacturing is defined as a manufacturing method that makes it possible to produce parts layer by layer. AM encompasses a wide range of materials with cross-industry applications and a variety of processes. Various AM techniques such as VAT Photopolymerization, Material Extrusion, Binder Jetting, Powder Bed Fusion, Sheet Lamination, Directed Energy Deposition, Material Jetting are used in conjunction with different types of materials. Plastic, metal, ceramic and composite materials can be processed using these techniques. In contrast to conventional manufacturing processes, AM offers advantages such as design freedom, rapid prototyping and personalized production. This technology is considered one of the keys to industrial transformation as it offers flexibility in the production of complex structures, optimization of parts and mass production. This study looks at additive manufacturing technologies, the different materials used and the wide range of applications for this technology. The enormous potential that additive manufacturing offers can lead to revolutionary changes in all industries, and this study serves as a reference source for understanding these transformations.

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