Experimental PV bench

Modeling and Fuzzy Logic Control of a Stand-Alone Photovoltaic System with Battery Storage

Djamila Rekioua, Faika Zaouche, Hanane Hassani, Toufik Rekioua, Seddik Bacha


This work aimed to study and control of a photovoltaic installation with batteries. The system is composed of a photovoltaic generator and a bank of batteries that are used to supply a load. The maximization of power is obtained using perturb and observes (P&O) algorithm and fuzzy logic controller (FLC). It is proposed to add a supervisor to manage the different powers, protect the batteries against overcharge and deep discharge and of course to satisfy the load. MATLAB/Simulink is used in simulations. Obtained results showed that the proposed power management control run the global systems with a good agreement under variable solar irradiance and temperature conditions.

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