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Following the balloon temperature of a solar heater installed in Oran, Algeria

Touhami Baki, Mohamed Tebbal, Hanane Berrebah


The energy consumed for domestic hot water needs is constantly increasing. The use of solar energy can contribute to a share in the energy mix. The study concerns installing an individual solar water heater with forced circulation for the needs of an average family established in the climate of Oran in Algeria. The energy approach used compares the balance of inputs and outputs and the accumulation inside the balloon, which made it possible to present mathematical formulations to determine powers and temperatures. An hourly calculation for a 24-hour day of the different parameters was made, choosing a month of each season. The temperature inside the balloon was monitored, indicating that it can reach peaks of over 50°C without the addition of auxiliary energy; performance results show solar coverage can drop from 18% in January to 66% in July.

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