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Investigation of vertical axis wind turbines and the design of their components

Ayetullah Boztaş, Oğuzhan Demirbaş, Mustafa Ergin Şahin


Wind energy and developments of wind turbine design are getting important today all around the world. To increase the efficiency of wind turbines, scientists have done many kinds of research. One of these topics to increase efficiency is vertical axis wind turbines, blades, and generators design. Also, the generated energy and connection to the grid are causes some problems and have to study.

In this study, vertical axis wind turbine blades and developments to increase efficiency are investigated firstly. This paper studies the design steps and magnetic equation of an axial flux, permanent magnets, coreless stator, and rotor designed for a small wind turbine application. Stator voltages depending on the magnetic flux distribution have been obtained for different operating speeds and load conditions. The stator voltages for the three-phase are rectified and connected to a buck-boost converter to regulate bus voltage. The buck-boost converter is controlled with a proportional integral derivative (PID) controller for the desired output voltage.  The electricity is connected to the grid, or a direct current (DC) bus is investigated and given a proposal with power electronic converters and simulated with MATLAB/Simulink. Moreover, the model is analysed for inrush open circuit input voltage and short circuit load conditions for 0.5 second time intervals. 


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