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Comparative techno-economic-environmental assessment of biomass fueled integrated energy systems

Parisa Heidarnejad, Hadi Genceli, Zehra Yumurtaci


This paper proposes and investigates a CHP (Combined Heating and Power) system providing electricity and heating power. The considered configuration has been technically, economically and environmentally analyzed, and their performances have been compared to help designers and engineers in choosing appropriate biomass technology type for utilizing in integrated energy systems. The CHP system is studied in two modes: 1. The heat of solid waste combustion as an input 2. The heat of biogas combustion as an input. According to results, it was revealed that the exergy efficiency of the system with biogas combustion is 19% more than the system with solid waste combustion. On the other hand, the cost per exergy unit of the system with solid waste combustion was calculated to be 362.9 $/h, while the cost per exergy unit of the system with biogas combustion was estimated to be 871 $/h. Finally, the environmental assessment of the system showed that the NOx emissions of the system with solid waste combustion were 11,455 tones more than the system with biogas combustion annually. Also, the parametric study results indicated that increasing turbine inlet temperature leads to improvement in energy and exergy efficiencies of both systems by about 29% and 31%, respectively.

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