Lubricated Friction and Wear Properties of Ternary Zn-15Al-(1-5)Cu Alloys

Ali Paşa Hekimoğlu, Temel Savaşkan


In this study, lubricated friction and wear properties of Zn-15Al-(1-5)Cu alloy were investigated using a block-on-disc type test machine. Friction and wear tests were carried out at an oil flow rate of 1 cm3h-1, a sliding speed of 2 ms-1 and a contact pressure of 6 MPa for a sliding distance of 108 km. The variations in the friction coefficient, working temperature and wear volume of the alloys with sliding distance, copper content were investigated. The friction coefficient and the working temperature of the alloys became almost constant after a sliding distance of approximately 20 km, following an initial decrease. The wear volume of the alloys increased with increasing sliding distance and became almost constant after a sliding distance of 60 km. Zn-15Al-3Cu alloy exhibited the lowest friction coefficient, working temperature and wear volume among the ternary Zn-15Al-(1-5)Cu alloys.

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