Editorial for Volume 9 of Turkish Journal of Electromechanics & Energy and “New Challenges in Academic Publication Ethics”

Ömer Necati Cora, Mustafa Ergin Şahin


We are glad to present you the Volume 9 of Turkish Journal of Electromechanics & Energy (TJEE).  The current issue of the TJEE (Vol 9. No:1 January-April 2024) consists of five articles. Three of these articles have been selected from the  5th International Conference of Materials and Engineering Technology (TICMET'23) held on November 13-16, 2023, in Trabzon, Türkiye.  The first study by Topal and Can addresses development and critical design of magnetic torque rod for low-earth orbit satellites. The second paper by Polat et al. investigated the control electron movement with magnetic field in electrospinning method. The third study by Beldjaatit and Sebbagh from Algeria  deals with modeling, and simulation of wind turbine using MATLAB/Simulink. The fourth study by Kütük and Kapucu from Gaziantep University investigated AC motor selection in machine design applications. Finally, the last study in this issue by Köse et al. addresses microwave effect on drying behavior and quality parameters of green tea leaves. We would like to convey our thanks to Professor Necip Fazıl  YILMAZ  of Gaziantep University, Gaziantep, Türkiye, chair of 5th International Conference of Materials and Engineering Technology (TICMET'23), and guest editor of this special issue in TJEE. 

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