A Novel Regulation Inter-Coupled Control Scheme for Doubly Fed Wind Induction System

Sayed Osman Madbouly, Adel Mahmoud Sharaf


The paper presents a novel variable structure coordinated controller for a brushless doubly fed induction generator (BDFG) to improve its dynamic performance. The system under study consists of a BDFG driven variable speed wind turbine. The machine model in d-q power winding (PW) synchronously rotating reference frame is formulated in Matlab/Simulink. The new vector control algorithm which contains two control paths was then developed. The first path controls the active power of the power winding and the other controls its reactive power. The dynamic performance of the BDFG with the new controller has been tested when the overall system is subjected to a various patterns of wind speed. Also the transient and dynamic response is tested under sudden short circuit and open circuit at the generator bus. The digital simulation results showed that the new vector controller improved the dynamic performance of the overall system.

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