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Production of AA 2024 Aluminum Alloy Ribbons By Melt Spinning Process

Sultan Öztürk, Sefa Emre Sünbül, Kürşat İcin, Bülent Öztürk


In this study, rapidly solidified AA2024 aluminum ribbons were produced with laboratory scale melt spinning device by using different wheel speeds. The alloy was melted with induction furnace under high vacuum atmosphere. The influence of the wheel speed on the dimensions and cooling rates of produced ribbons was examined. The produced ribbons had   20–80 µm thickness, 1–4 mm width, and 10–60 mm length.  Increasing wheel speed from 28 to 43 m/s resulted in decreasing ribbon thickness from 79 µm to 24 µm. Microhardnessmeasurements were also performed and it was noted that the hardness values changed with wheel speed        (35–39 HV0.01). 

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