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Eigenvalue Analysis of Mindlin Plates Resting on Elastic Foundation

Yaprak Itır Özdemir


The purpose of this paper is to study free vibration analysis of thick plates resting on Winkler foundation using Mindlin’s theory with shear locking free fourth order finite element, to determine the effects of the thickness/span ratio, the aspect ratio, subgrade reaction modulus and the boundary conditions on the frequency parameters of thick plates subjected to free vibration. In the analysis, finite element method is used for spatial integration. Finite element formulation of the equations of the thick plate theory is derived by using higher order displacement shape functions. A computer program using finite element method is coded in C++ to analyze the plates as free, clamped or simply supported along all four edges. In the analysis, 17-noded finite element is used. Graphs are presented that should help engineers designing of thick plates subjected to earthquake excitations. It is concluded that 17-noded finite element can effectively be used in the free vibration analysis of thick plates. It is also concluded that, the changes in the thickness/span ratio are more effective on the maximum responses considered in this study than the changes in the aspect ratio. 

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