Voltage profiles   of Arakli-II feeder

Estimation of Voltage Profile and Short-Circuit Currents for a Real Substation Distribution System

Alkan Aksoy, Fatih Mehmet Nuroğlu


Electrical energy demands gradually increasing in the world in each year, and numerous power plants continue to be installed to supply required energy. Most of these are      small-scale power plants established at different terrains. The power produced by the power plants is transmitted to the existing transmission and distribution lines in the Black Sea region of Turkey. So, the electrical network is becoming increasingly complex. Distributed generations affect the electrical system in many ways. The goal of this study is to determine the effects of distributed generation on Trabzon city’s Araklı-II feeder such as voltage profile and short-circuit currents of bus bars. The system modeled and simulated by using the DIgSILENT Power Factory software with real parameters. It was found that distributed generation sources have positively affected the voltage level of bus bars yet  highly single-phase and three-phase short-circuit currents was observed.

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