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Thermoeconomic Analyses of An Actual Power Plant

Alperen Tozlu, Yekta Tolga Büyükmurat, Emrah Özahi


A municipal solid waste power plant located in Malatya, Turkey has been analyzed thermodynamically and thermoeconomically in this study. The sanitary landfill plant was constructed with an installed power capacity of 2.4 MW for both disposals of municipal solid waste and energy production from produced landfill gas (LFG) of 9425 m3, corresponding to the 2.86 % of total power demand of the city. As a result of the thermodynamic analyses throughout the power plant, the exergetic efficiencies of the compressor and the turbine of the turbocharger are found to be 83.02 % and 65.41 %, respectively; which means that there is a considerable amount of exergetic losses in the turbocharger. Moreover, the overall exergetic efficiency of the power plant is found to be 50.97 %. On the other hand, the thermal efficiency of the gas engine is obtained as 37.30 %. In terms of thermoeconomic analyses, the payback period of the plant is found to be 7.70 years which is an acceptable period for such a power plant.

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