The basic structure of VSC HVDC

A New Efficient Self Adjusting PSO Algorithm to Enhance Reactive Power Response of VSC-HVDC System

Mohamed Sayed Ghayad, Niveen Badra, Almoataz Youssef Abdelaziz, Adel Mahmoud Sharaf, Mahmoud Abdullah Attiaa


ABSTRACT      This paper presents an artificial approach for optimizing parameters of the proportional-integral (PI) controller in a reactive power control loop of voltage source converters high-voltage direct current (VSC-HVDC) transmission systems. The control strategy is based on a PI controller due to its simple structure and strong robustness. The Sharaf algorithm particle swarm optimization (SAPSO) is a heuristic optimization method that is used in this paper to get optimal values of PI parameters. This modification based on the inertia weight parameter to speed up the convergence towards the optimal values. SAPSO has many merits, such as easiness in control its parameters and its simple implementation compared to other artificial approaches. VSC-HVDC system is established in MATLAB/Simulink to apply the SAPSO. This system is exposed to different disturbances to evaluate its dynamic response. The objective function is minimizing the error between the measured and reference value of reactive power to get a better dynamic response. The obtained results showed that there is a significant improvement in reactive power dynamic response in a system with optimized parameters.

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