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Sizing and technical study of a solar photovoltaic/thermal system: Application in Bejaia area

Djamila Rekioua, Saloua Belaid, Toufik Rekioua


In this paper, a hybrid renewable energy system is proposed, which consist of solar photovoltaic (PV), solar thermal, and battery energy storage. A photovoltaic pumping system and solar water heating have been combined to ensure that the water level in the tank is kept at a maximum value. It is obtained an entire system tacking account the benefits of the PV system and of a solar thermal system which allow us to obtain better performances of the global studied system. An application has been made on the Bejaia location in the northeast of Algeria which has a good solar irradiance, and a case study is conducted. To identify the system, measurements were carried out on different days. The evolution of temperatures during different profiles at various solar irradiance has been made by simulation under MATLAB/Simulink and compared to the experimental ones. The calculation of experimental effectiveness of heat exchanger has been made during two different days. It varies in our case from 0.5747 to 0.5815. So, solar irradiance does not influence it, but depends on the material nature, the exchange surface and the type of flow. Also, it is obtained a daily efficiency which varies from 30.75% to 35.58%. This efficiency decreases with solar irradiance increasing. The results obtained from simulation agree with experimental ones.

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