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Techno-economic analysis of a regulator-type hydropower plant

Ayhan Cüce, Haydar Küçük, Adnan Midilli


In this study, an economic analysis of a regulator-type hydropower plant was performed by using MS Excel software. Intact, moderate intact, weak and very weak rock formations were taken into consideration for economic evaluation of the water transmission tunnel. The amounts of firm (primary)  and secondary energy, approximate cost of plant elements, income, outgoings, and profitability of plant and unit cost of energy were calculated. Annual firm energy, secondary energy and total energy were calculated as 55.4, 90.5 and 145.9 GWh, respectively. Unit investment cost of water transmission tunnel for fresh surface was determined to be 3281 USD/m, whereas it was 7264 USD/m for externally reinforced penstock with constant wall thickness and constant diameter, 410 USD per kW for electromechanical facilities, 1004 USD/kW for the unit investment cost of the plant and 28.24 million USD for total investment cost. Annual net income, unit energy cost and profitability were calculated to be 3.27 million USD, 0.0209 USD/kWh and 2.07, respectively. The increase in cost is about 20% between the intact rock and moderate intact rock, 55% between intact rock and weak rock, and 80% between intact rock and very weak rock for the same diameter and length of tunnel.

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