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Investigation of Air Flow Inside an Airplane Passenger Cabin

Levent Bilir, Hasan Çelik, Mehmet Barış Özerdem


Air flow characteristics are important in passenger cabins of airplane in terms of thermal comfort and health issues. Many parameters such as temperature, air velocity, carbon dioxide level should be controlled during the flight. In the present study, a generic model represents the air flow in a commercial airplane’s passenger cabin has been investigated, numerically. The generic model was considered a half aircraft cabin due to symmetrical conditions. The air flow inside the cabin was analysed for ceiling supply bottom return mixing ventilation system by using Ansys-Fluent software.  As a conclusion, the streamlines of air released from air ducts was obtained and the flow path of air inside the passenger cabin was determined. The flow path of air gives information about the contaminant spread inside the cabin, as well. The results revealed that for the investigated air ventilation system, there was no significant air recirculation for different seat rows. But the air recirculation on seats at the same row was at higher level.

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