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A Multi-Stage Fuzzy Logic Controller for Hybrid-AC Grid-Battery Charging Drive System

Abdel- Fattah Attia, Adel M. Sharaf, Fathalla F. Selim


The paper presents a fuzzy logic modified multi-stage hierarchical Fuzzy Logic PID Control Scheme for hybrid AC Grid-Drive-Battery Charging System. The multistage control scheme includes two fuzzy control stages for the separate PD and PID parts to ensure fast dynamical response, robust and effective speed control and efficient energy utilization with minimal ripple currents and transient over voltages during battery charging. The scheme ensures effective robust reference speed tracking of the dc PMDC motor drive with minimal transient currents and excursion voltage conditions. The use of dc side green plug and switched capacitor filters ensures effective stabilized damping and optimized performance on both dc and ac sides of the utilization hybrid AC-DC scheme. Dynamic speed regulation is enhanced by the introduced DC and AC filters regulated by multistage fuzzy logic multi loop controllers. AC side Switched Filter-Voltage stabilization is fully effective to ensure decoupled AC-DC operation and improved energy utilization and power factor enhancement.

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