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Energy eigenvalue of a one dimensional asymmetric triangle potential well

Mehmet Şahin, Dilek Zengin


Various quantum wells have been studied as a theoretical model for the instructional of quantum physics in the early years of quantum mechanics. With the development of solid-state physics, such structures have found practical applications. Among these well models, asymmetric triangular quantum wells have started to take an important place today. Because in such wells, the asymmetry of the well can be controlled by the change in concentration in the compound. In this study, have examined the bound states and scattering states within the well by changing the parameters such as; barrier height and barrier width of the asymmetric quantum well. The scattering transfer matrix method is used as it provides convenience as a method. The results have founded differ for the asymmetric triangular quantum well compared to other symmetric quantum wells, and its practical applications are discussed.

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