An Efficient Controller for Standalone Hybrid- PV Powered System

Mohamed Salama Ebrahim, Adel Mahmoud Sharaf, Ahmed Mohamed Atallah, Adel Sedky Emareh


This paper presents a new technique for enhancing the dynamic performance of a conventional proportional integral (PI) controller to achieve faster and ripple-free Maximum Power Tracking (MPPT) for standalone hybrid photovoltaic (PV) systems using an augmented fuzzy logic controller (FLC) with PI controller. The dynamic performance of the augmented PI-Fuzzy Control Scheme is compared with conventional PI controller. The additional requirement of battery bank State of the Charge (SOC) regulation is added to ensure battery charging based on PV power condition using the common DC bus voltage. The dynamic performance is examined using Matlab-Simulink software environment and simulation under different operating conditions such as uniform, irregular insolation/irradiation level, disconnected battery and electric load changes. AC side loads are connected to the standalone hybrid PV system using six pulses inverter. Dynamic simulation results validated the fast response and reduced transients and ripple content using the proposed Fuzzy-PI controller while achieving MPPT for uniform and varying insolation/irradiation levels.

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