Investigation of the Effects of Cutting Parameters on Diameter Deviation in Drilling of HSLA Steel

Yusuf Siyambaş, Şenol Bayraktar, Yakup Turgut


In this study, effect of cutting parameters on the diameter deviation was experimentally investigated in drilling of high strength low alloy (HSLA) material. In the experiments, TiAlN coated and uncoated drills with a diameter of 8 mm and 130 ° point and 30 ° helix angle were used. Three different feed rates (0.05-0.075-0.1 mm / rev) and cutting speed (10-26-42 m / min) were determined as cutting parameters. As a result of the study, it was found that in the experiments with both cutting tools, the diameter deviation increases with the increase of the feed rate and cutting speed and the TiAlN coated drills perform better than the uncoated drills.

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